Personal Developer Notebook

Developing with Unity for MonoGame II


There were some responses to my last blog post entry.

Among the comments and feedback, there was also the question: why using Unity?

This question was a little surprising to me, because my impression is that Unity is currently the absolute dominant game development environment?!

I personally think that Unity offers enormous advantages:

– Rapid development, fast edit / test cycles

– Allows easy customizations of the editor by means of simple scripts

– The asset store

BTW: What are your favorite features in Unity?

I made a 3 minute screencast showing a typical turnaround cycle:

– Construction of a new level in Unity

– Add the level to the FFWD configuration

– Conversion of the project to XNA

– Compilation of the assets (Content Pipeline) in VS2010 to .xnb files

– Transfer of .xnb files to a Windows Phone 8 project

– Deploy and test the game

Of course this can only be a quick overview of the workflow. I will write more posts about it.

Are there certain things that you want to see in the next blog post?

If not, I’m going with things that I think are interesting about this workflow.

So just let me know what you are interested in.