Personal Developer Notebook

Resolving Profiler Issues


Recently I discovered at home, that if I rotate our WiFi router about 20 degrees, that I get a much better connection to my computer.

In the office I prefer a wired network anyway: always very responsive, no lags, and high transfer rates. WiFi is only activated on a per needed basis. Until recently it worked ok.

If you do profiling with Unity on the iOS device the computer running Unity and the iOS device have to be on the same WiFi network.

The profiling session very quickly lead to stuttering of the graphical display of the performance data.

After a while I found the problem: it was not a Unity configuration issue it was a problem with the WiFi network. Looking in the log files of the router I saw occasionally very low values for the data transfer rates (the MCS index,

I found that in a specific corner of my office I would have a good connection. But preferring to work on the desk, I decided to switch off the WiFi function of the internet router in our server room and to install a separate WiFi router in the office (connected to the ethernet plug).

Now it works like a dream again 🙂