Personal Developer Notebook

Using Auto Layout to add a Comments Section to your iOS 8 App


Below there is a complete series of 4 screencasts (38 minutes total) to show how to add a comments section to your app.

It uses Auto Layout, the cell height is calculated automatically, it runs on iPhone and iPad, and it moves the transparent comments section automatically when the onscreen keyboard is shown.

Comments Section

The final result of our comments section…


Please note that iOS 8 is required for this tutorial.

The tutorial is divided into 4 screencasts:

  1. Basic Setup (18 minutes)

  2. Automatic Cell Height Calculation (7 minutes)

  3. Handle the onscreen Keyboard (8 minutes)

  4. A little bit of Polishing (5 minutes)

If there are any questions, simply leave a comment in the comments section of the blog.