Personal Developer Notebook

Helen 2.33 released

Bugfixes in Helen 2.33

  • To avoid losing changes, documents are now always marked ‘dirty’ for modifications done in the HTML code editor.
  • The hang during HTML export (due to multiple resources having the same name) is fixed.
  • A problem in the library s7rmtctrl.jar for the remote control of Helen via RMI (Remote Method Invocation) is fixed.
  • In exported PDF files the and tags are displayed correctly.

New in Helen 2.3

Display of Invisibles (Formatting Characters)

Page breaks, Paragraphs, and sections breaks are called invsibles because you cannot see them by default. Now you can make these formatting characters visible using a new toolbar button: Paragraph

Invisibles en

Helen comes bundled now with JRE 1.6_31

Helen is available in different packages. The install packages bundled with Java Runtime

Environments (JRE) are coming now with JRE 1.6_31. There are packages for different system architectures and operating systems:

  • Windows Family (Windows 7, Vista, XP)
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux Intel

An install package without JRE is also available.

Create entries in table of contents, index, and map via context menu

In WYSIWYG design view you can add selected words to TOC, index, and map by using the context menu item ‘Add Entry…’.

AddEntry en

A dialog opens where you can control the entries for TOC, index and map.

AddEntryDlg en

In the ComboBox for the map items all entries referencing the edited HTML topic are shown. If desired, the entries can be edited in the ComboBox to create a completely new entry to the map file.

If an anchor is specified, the selected text is marked with this anchor and the map item references exact this position.

Fixed Problems

  • If the cursor was on a link during a switch from WYSIWYG design view to code view, the link was split.
  • Occasionally the preview application was not shutdown completely.
  • The CSS code editor sometimes threw an exception with specific CSS content.
  • For tables containing and/or tags, it was not possible in the table editor to add rows.

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